A-Look System Designer Series


Named for the Palais de l’Industrie in Paris, France — the birthplace of the Avant-Garde movement.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 382 lbs
Light: 330 lbs
Ultra-light: 278 lbs

This unconventional asymmetric design is a perfect fit for those looking for a bold and progressive look exemplified by the Avant-Garde arts movement.

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Victoria Park

Named after the upscale Victoria Park Square in London, England.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 380 lbs
Light: 321 lbs
Ultra-light: 261 lbs

In this model, the combination of vertical mirrors and horizontal panels respects the architectural traditions of Victorian era structures.

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River Walk

Named after the Forks at the confluence of the Red and the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 471 lbs
Light: 418 lbs
Ultra-light: 363 lbs

The River Walk shows the ability to combine multiple back painted glass panels with stainless steel. The design’s green & blue represent the two great rivers while the taupe represents the shoreline that joins them.

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Notting Hill

Named after the fashionable Notting Hill Square in London, England.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 378 lbs
Light: 324 lbs
Ultra-light: 273 lbs

The tall vertical lines of the Notting Hill design brings to mind long rows of buildings joined side by side as is typical in old London neighborhoods.

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A-Look System

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Express Series

Enjoy all the benefits of ECR's A-Look™ cab interiors with an incredible FOUR-WEEK turn-around!

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Signature Series

The signature series features ECR's original horizontal panel designs.

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Designer Series

The designer series represents the art of the possible.

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Traditional Series

The traditional series of elevator interior reflects the classic refined lines to be found in the boardroom or carriage house.

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