A-Look System Express Series

A-Look System

Enjoy all the benefits of ECR’s A-Look™ cab interiors with an incredible FOUR-WEEK turn-around!

Weight for a 2,500lb car:
Standard: 337 lbs
Light: 266 lbs

The Express Service offers any of the four express laminates or three metals including, Stainless steel #4, 5WL, or Linen. Shown with ECR’s Big White framed ceiling complete with LED strip lights, 2" flat handrail, and our patented A-Look™ extrusions encasing and protecting all panels.

Choose from one of four popular plastic laminates: Architectural Maple 1539 CA, Cherry Brandy W-405 CA, Chambray Creme P-401 CA, Summer Elm W-459 CA

* Limited by manufacturing capacity. Flooring not included

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A-Look System

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Express Series

Enjoy all the benefits of ECR's A-Look™ cab interiors with an incredible FOUR-WEEK turn-around!

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Signature Series

The signature series features ECR's original horizontal panel designs.

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Designer Series

The designer series represents the art of the possible.

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Traditional Series

The traditional series of elevator interior reflects the classic refined lines to be found in the boardroom or carriage house.

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