B-Look System Signature Series

Tranquillity Park

Named after Tranquillity Park in Houston Texas

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 362 lbs
Light: 292 lbs

Tranquility Park was named to celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. The Tranquillity Park model with plastic laminate above and below the handrails reflects the no nonsense “can do” NASA attitude it took to accomplish this outstanding mission.

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Franklin Square

Named after Franklin Square in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 397 lbs
Light: 346 lbs

With long lines and mirror, this model has a sense of open space that was intended by William Penn the Square’s designer. Franklin Square is the site where Benjamin Franklin conducted his kite and key experiment.

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Harvard Square

Named after Harvard Square in Cambridge Massachusetts

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 385 lbs
Light: 315 lbs

With decorative stainless below the handrail and laminate above, the Harvard Square has an air of sophistication garnered by Harvard University while providing for the durability needed in any leaning institution.

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Empire State Plaza

Named after the Empire State Plaza in Albany New York.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 421 lbs
Light: 369 lbs

Much like the Square it is named after, this cab is made to impress! Stainless steel below the handrail and mirror above on the rear wall serve to accomplish this goal. Nelson Rockefeller would have approved!

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Signature Series

The signature series features ECR's vertical panel designs.

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