C-Look System Signature Series

St. Louis Square

Named after Saint Louis Square in Montreal, Québec.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 331 lbs
Light: 264 lbs
Ultra-light: 227 lbs

Like Saint Louis Square, the closest thing to a European neighborhood square you’ll find this side of the Atlantic, this model adds a classic look to any cab with wall panels separated by a 6" handrail panel.

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Federation Square

Named after Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 381 lbs
Light: 330 lbs
Ultra-light: 294 lbs

By using a variety of materials such as glass, laminate and stainless steel in a vertical design – like its namesake – the Federation Square blends new and old world themes into an innovative design.

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Piazza Del Campo

Named after the Piazza Del Campo in Siena Tuscany, Italy.

Weight of a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 358 lbs
Light: 308 lbs
Ultra-light: 283 lbs

The Piazza Del Campo is one of Europe’s great squares. Like all C-Looks, this model uses wide lines to divide the panels like the 8 lines of travertine separating the 9 sections red brick in this inspiring square.

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Plaza Mayor

Named after the Plaza Mayor in the heart of Madrid Spain.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Standard: 355 lbs
Light: 286 lbs
Ultra-light: 239 lbs

The Plaza Mayor’s rectangular design highlights uniformity in architecture. Like its namesake, it features metal and laminate in rhythmic patterns respecting this architectural beauty in the very center of Spain.

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C-Look System

The innovative panel system with twice the life

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Enjoy all the benefits of ECR’s C-Look™ cab interiors with an incredible FOUR-WEEK turn-around!

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Signature Series

Our four C-Look™ signature series models provide the foundation for a great cab modernization.

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