Framed Ceilings


Named after the Massif resort in the Laurentian Mountains near Québec City, Québec.

Elevation: 2,527 ft. Geographic coordinates: 47.28° N, 70.57° W

Averaging 65 lbs, the Massif is a light weight framed ceiling. It can be designed with a variety of framed layouts to accommodate any hatch location. Its panels can be made from a variety of decorative metals with interesting custom cut outs. This ceiling is light by 6 LED pot lights on gimbals.


Named after the Mont Tremblant resort in the Laurentian Mountains near Montreal, Québec.

Elevation: 2,871 ft. Geographic coordinates: 46.12° N, 74.60° W

Tremblant is a light weight framed ceiling with aluminum egg crate panels. With an average of 50 lbs, it is the lightest framed ceiling. It is lit by T8 fixtures with LED tubes.

Big White

Named after the Big White resort in the Rocky Mountains near Kelowna, British Columbia.

Elevation: 7,606 ft. Geographic coordinates: 49.72° N, 118.93° W

The Big White is a light weight framed ceiling with polycarbonate panels. It is excellent for use in environments where plenty of diffused light is required. Weight for a 2,500lb car: 34lbs

Marble Mountain

Named after the Marble Mountain resort in the Long Range Mountains near Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Elevation: 1,791 ft. Geographic coordinates: 48.95° N, 57.83° W

The Marble Mountain is a framed ceiling featuring translucent high resolution graphical panels back-lit by T8 fixtures in LED. It offers an elegant look for high end cabs in the more artistic buildings. Customers can provide their own graphics.

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