Painting Options


ECR’s advanced painting capabilities open up a new world in elevator interior design. We can paint metal and wood as well as backpainting glass and more. All paints are “car quality” which means they will not fade or discolour over time and exact matches can be made if a surface becomes damaged in the future.

Paint Types

Paints include; Any Solid, Translucent, Metallic, Pearls, Vibrant Colours like Magenta, Hot Pink, Pastels, and, Textured Colours like Weathered Copper and Granite.

Colour selections can be made with any standard formula such as; Benjamin Moore, Bher, CIL, RGB, or, Pantone to name a few.

Paint Samples

Because the nature of the painting process on various materials may change the appearance of a known colour, samples need to be approved prior to full production.

We are happy to ship samples directly to you within 5 days of request.

Other Options


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Mirror and Glass

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